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Considering one
creative process

Beyond selling original creative artwork, I can make something special just for you.

Whether it is a portrait of your dog or a piece of art fit to measure your hotel lobby, let's embark on a creative journey together.

Commissioned artwork


Back-lit photomount


Your office has dark corridors that need to be lit up with an original photo composition? It can be done!


Estimate upon request.

Live painting


Why not hire me to create a painting during an event? Could be sold on the spot to raise money for a charity or launch a product.


Estimate upon request.



Wall painting for your child's bedroom
or playroom


Imagine the surprise your little ones would have to see their room painted with him or her as a hero or in a world of their imagination. 


Estimate upon request.



Graphic Design



Specialized in complete branding of any product or company from the design of the logo, communication material to web design and even office design.


Visit : Ducros Design


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