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My Story


I am a
visual artist,
beauty seeker,
and soul


It does not come easily, (especially while being confident, I remain modest by nature) but it is the right time in my career to step out of the shadow of comfort and security, to shout about my abilities and my passion for painting.


So let me share my story. Who I am as an artist, what I create, and why it’s special.


I have always been an independent creator with a penchant for transparency. As a graphic designer, I have included the customers in my creative journey and led them to the branding of their story.


I feel now is the time to tell my own stories. So first let me walk you through my long artistic journey that led me to become the creative person that I am today.

After setting the sink on fire in a lab at McGill University (biochemistry). I took a step back and realised I much prefered human reaction to chemical reaction.


I’ll be honest. This is the perfect place to show my true colors. I first wanted to be Jacques Cousteau 2. Diving under water with sharks seemed the best thing to do in life.


Marine Biology was the way to go!

So I made a move and studied graphic design at UQAM (University of Quebec in Montreal) with great names such as Metz, Grauhaultz, Vezina and Halassa. Spent my summers back packing through Europe from museum to museum, my little sketch book in hand. Upon graduation (bachelor) in graphic design, I spent a few weeks in Italy to take drawing classes within a Concordia University program. 


Upon my return, I launched my own little graphic design firm named Ducros Design. I designed many brands for many companies.


Became an expert recognized by my peers at SDGQ (Graphic Designer’s Association of Quebec) in 2013.


Gave birth to a son, then a daughter. Two beautiful children that spark lots of love in me. They grew bigger as children do. So did my client list.


Still two things were missing: my first ever dog, and visits to my studio, canvases and brushes.  As I said, there comes a time when you can no longer avoid being your true self. So in 2015, I decided to dive in... ART!


My exploration phase began. I hadn’t finished my first painting, it found an owner. That was when I decided to dedicate myself to painting. I soon got on a roll of 2 to 3 paintings a month.


Stay tuned as I add new chapters to my story...


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