Photo Art


Aluminum photomount


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Be original, be different, offer art solid as steel.


This is where I unite my skills in Photoshop with my love of photography in a creative way.


I combine different pictures to create an emotion or a graphic impact. These photo compositions are then printed on brushed aluminium.


Light reflecting on the aluminum creates an intriguing effect that really brings it to life!


They come in different sizes and budgets.


Please contact me if you have any requests.


All artworks here presented are the property of Éliane Ducros and are subject to intellectual property rights. Any reproduction partial or entire is strictly forbidden without the explicit authorization of the author. All rights reserved Eliane Ducros 2020.


Toutes les oeuvres présentées appartiennent à Éliane Ducros et sont sujettes à des droits d’auteur et à des droits de propriété intellectuelle. Toute reproduction partielle ou entière est interdite sans le consentement explicite de l’auteur. Tous droits réservés Éliane Ducros 2020.